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Sticker, Illustration by Eva Revolver, Sepia

A new task for illustrators is the design of digital stickers. Even Eva Revolver has recently drawn a few pictures.

Eastern Orhtodoxy, Illustration by Isabel Seliger, Sepia

Michael Brown wonders why people are leaving reformed churches for eastern orthodox churches. Sensitively illustrated by Isabel Seliger for the Modern Reformation magazine.

Startup, Illustration by Frederik Jurk, Sepia

Startup, Illustration by Frederik Jurk, Sepia

»Startup« and »Hidden Champion«, illustrated for F.A.Z. Hochschulanzeiger.

Dantes Hölle, Illustration by Robert Deutsch, Sepia

Robert Deutsch has illustrated »Dante's Hell« for Le Monde Diplomatique. Published in October 2017.

Refugees, Illustration by Francesco Bongiorni, Sepia

The Society of Illustrators celebrates the 60th edition of its book about the best works of the year. Francesco Bongiorni was awarded for his illustration "One Million Steps" (for Doctors Without Borders) with a silver medal. We congratulate Francesco and all the prizewinning! All award-winning work will be seen in the New York exhibition until February 24.

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