SEPIA Illustration
SEPIA is a German Illustration Agency with excellent artists for Advertising, Design, Book and Editorial.

eskimo, seagulls, seals and ships

Winter is coming! Wall Canvas Story »Polar Route« for children’s room. Designed by Luca Boscardin for Italian brand Peridea.

soccer player

The infographic of Armin Schiebs explains the rules of football. For german newspaper Die Zeit.

woman face

Isabel Seliger illustrated the radio play about Ida Bauer, the famous patient of Sigmund Freud. She created more than 100 drawings for a new experience of radio plays.

photos of design event in Eindhoven

Impressions of the Dutch Design Week 2019. »If not now, then when?« New ideas about Bio Design, Mobility, Social Design and Future Living in the city of Eindhoven.

mermaid at a swimming pool

We love cartoons! And the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung does, too. Illustration by Ulf K. about the frustration of expat wives in paradise.

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