SEPIA Illustration
SEPIA is a German Illustration Agency with excellent artists for Advertising, Design, Book and Editorial.

aucioneer selling cars and art

»Psychedelics, Ferraris and Art: An Alternative Investment Guide«, illustrated by Isabel Seliger.

giant monster under a child's bed

Hidden Monsters, illustrated by Ulf K. for Ralph Casper’s book »Wenn Riesen reisen« (When Giants Travel)

Jesus Christ

André Laame has drawn this illustration. It is about the different meanings of the word »victim«. For example ?expiatory? Jesus Christ, victims of terror, abuse, teenage slang ... Published on Easter Day in F.A.Z.

ladybugs and ants fighting on a tree

Page, the German design magazine, presents Armin Schieb's unreleased book The Ant Collective. View more of this fantastic project in his portfolio!

poster design about climate change mitigation

The poster, drawn by Bene Rohlmann, tells you can mitigate climate change easily. (Text by Niklas Prenzel)

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